1. 1. How do I get registered on Deals Address?

Every person visiting the website will see a pop-up to enter an email address and name to receive daily emails about deals offered by Deals Address.
You will then also have an option on the website to Register by entering your first name, last name, email address, password and mobile number to create an account.

2. If I pay by credit card, how will I know whether the transaction has been completed?

A confirmation appears on every transaction completed, confirming the completion of the purchase of a voucher.

3. Can I pay by Cash?

Yes, Cash on Delivery option is available.
You can make use of this payment option by selecting this option in checkout.

4. Can I purchase more than one deal at a time?

A registered user can purchase multiple deals daily but each deal is through a single Credit/Debit Card or Cash on Delivery transaction.

5. How much discount will I get on my deal?

The discount on each deal is decided by the company. Deals can be anywhere from 10% up to 90% off.

6. How many users have to purchase a deal for it to be activated?

The number of buyers needed to activate each deal is also decided by the company presenting the deal.
Some deals will be activated through the purchase of less than 10 buyers whilst others will need more and others won’t need group buying.

7. If a deal remains inactivated or falters, what will happen to my money?

Your account will only be debited once the deal has been activated.

8. Can I purchase a deal and send it off as a gift?

Deals Address offers you the chance to buy a limited number of gift vouchers daily.

9. Is there a validity period for the use of the deals?

All deals must be used within the validity period mentioned in the offer. The discount cannot be availed after the validity period and the voucher becomes invalid.
No refunds.

10. Can a voucher be refunded for cash?

All vouchers are non-refundable & cannot be exchanged for cash.